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If you have ever thought you might want a small wooden sign for your residence or business with maybe a personal touch of your own incorporated into it, I might just have the sign for you. Using a variety of computer assisted design and graphics software I can design a sign for you and then using a computer numerical controlled (CNC) router have your design cut into the wood of your choice. The software allows me to choose from a wide selection of fonts for the lettering, incorporate graphics into the sign and to even cut the sign out into various shapes and sizes. I can even create a virtual image of the sign for your approval prior to cutting it. Signs can be provided to you unfinished, or painted. Below are just few examples of signs and the techniques that can be incorporated into them.

A simple sign using a scripted font and in various shapes and styles.

Signs with graphics

Signs with texture and letters with beveled edges

Present sign size is limited to a maximum size of 32" wide by 22" high. Signs can have text and graphics placed on both sides if you wish. If you’re interested in having a sign made please contact Al Foster at the following:

Phone: (867) 393-1949 or E-mail: contact@watsonriverdesign.com


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