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Boat Reconstruction


Skalu Rowing Skiff Kayak Boat Reconstruction

 We also undertake boat reconstruction projects as well. The first picture below shows the original boat; after close inspection of this boat we found extensive rot in the cabin and floor, and came to the realization that the old single cylinder diesel engine was well past its useful life. The cabin and interior of the boat were totally removed as well as the engine, fuel tank and prop shaft. Starting with a bare hull a new floor was installed and a cabin top was built using plywood and solid wood sealed in West System epoxy. It was also decided to not put a diesel inboard back into the boat, but to convert it over to outboard power using a Honda 4 stroke motor, so a motor well was constructed and 20 gal. fuel was installed towards the bow. The boat will be used for extended camping trips on the southern lake system in the Yukon as well as some of the larger rivers.


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